Plough Hotel – opening party




Vanessa with oysters.

Plough Hotel, 333 Barkly St, Footscray. Phone: 9687 2878

The new-look Plough Hotel on Barkly St had its low-key official public “open for business” a few days previously, but we’re here for the opening party.

The pub crew have thrown their invite net quite widely so we’re delighted to run into a range of local buddies and celebrities.

The place has been done out in a rather flash-but-nice bistro style.

Whatever the feelings about the fit-out, the general consensus is that it’s a fine thing the job has been done … without pokies!


Ms Baklover of Footscray Food Blog with Lilylauren.

Fine beers are on tap, bubbles bubble and much food is consumed.

The pizzas just keep on rolling out of the kitchen. Some are tomato-based, some have spuds and some have sausage meat. They’re all good, but my final slice of the evening – tomato and prawn with a nice chilli kick – is a highlight.

And what’s not to like about free oysters? Although Bennie remains unconvinced!

There’s also meat balls, chicken ribs and marinated olives.

But the big hit of the evening is the incredibly tender and pink crumbed lamb chops dipped in salsa verde.


The meat raffle girls.

Some folks hit the dancefloor – such as it is – to the strains of some folky romps in the bluegrassy manner.

We shoot the breeze with Ms Baklover of Footscray Food Blog.

And we meet for the first time some much-appreciated stalwart supporters of both our blogs.

These include Lilylauren and her hubby Andrew, with whom I discuss our mutual enthusiasm for the works of Stephen King.

And we meet serial blog commentator Juz, who has kept me up to date with goings-on at the Plough, and his pals Sasha and Julie.

And they include, too, Jill, Patrick and Cheryl from Spice Bazaar Cooking School.

That’s the party – and what a lovely time we’ve had.

An actual sit-down meal at the new Plough will have to wait for another day …

Bennie and I even have a swell time walking home. That boy sure does like a late-night ramble!



Julie, Sasha and Juz.


“Hmmm … still not sure about this oyster business, Dad!”



7 thoughts on “Plough Hotel – opening party

  1. Terrific to meet you and Lauren too! It was a lovely welcome to the area’s newest local. Good crowd, great nibbles and a nice vibe,

    And we’ll definitely be going back for some more of those lamb cutlets 🙂


  2. Was a great night. I am planning on heading back for the lamb soon!! I will be interested to see if they have music on a regular basis.


  3. This sounds wonderful – will definitely check it out. I can see between pulling a rickshaw and attending openings you are pretty busy so wondering if you can create a clone coz I’m missing the regular updates on SnapWest……


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