There’s movement at the station …



Surprisingly, given the name of the place, I only made it once to the short-lived Dosa N Biryani in Irving St, between Thien An and an Indian grocery.

Even more surprisingly, that single visit was not for a dosa or biryani – both of which I am a big fan – but instead a rather mediocre thali.

In any case, all that is already history.

The premises are undergoing a much more comprehensive overhaul and revamp.

And, if the sign in the window can used a gauge, the new business here is likely to also offer goodies of an Indian persuasion.


Meanwhile, around the corner and directly adjacent the tram terminus, another business premises with a wobbly track record is also undergoing some sort of transformation, although these ones have the look of a more long-winded variety.

When I ask at Vietnamese butcher shop a few doors along if they knew what was planned for the place, someone chirped up with the phrase “coffee shop”.


11 thoughts on “There’s movement at the station …

    • Yeah, well. I’d prefer, um, a Middle Eastern bakery. But each to his or her own! But agree more generally – that intersection seems pretty much the Footscray equivalent of the CBD’s corner of Flinders and Spencer.


      • Yes,
        That corner should be the centre of Footscray, not it’s distant, unloved, step-cousin. I am expecting that when the rail link works are through and some of the housing begins to open to the south (the stuff currently being built by grocon) then the focus of Footscray will move south and this strip will regain it’s lost importance. The whole of Footscray will benefit from a renewed southern edge.


  1. Not sure if you’ve been following the discussion between Footscray Food Blog and Jag-ex-of-W48 on twitter, but it’s sounding promising for good coffee in Footscray.


  2. Its such risk of driving to footscray these i get fined by council just for anything… the cameras by council have long been threat to local business


    • It’s lucky the middle of Footscray is so well serviced by public transport. I have to say I’ve never even considered driving there, I don’t know how you’d ever find a carpark (I’m sure there’s lots of local tips and tricks, but I’m lazy and don’t like walking far, so if I’m not on PT I ride my bicycle – can typically get a park within a few metres of my destination!. )


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