Pre-match brekky a lark at the park …

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TOFWD* the organic food and wine deli, Orrong Park Tennis Centre, Sydney St, Prahran. Phone: 9510 6481

For a couple of reasons, Bennie has missed both footy practices this week.

Still, we’re up for the Saturday game, prepared to front up, make our apologies and get into it.

Feeling a bit out of the loop, we rely on the bare bones information on the official draw – which tells us it’s the first away game of the season.

Easy – over the bridge, along Kinsgway and eventually turn left on to Orrong Rd.

It’s only on awakening that I recall this fixture the previous year started a full hour earlier than usual, supposedly to preserve the afternoon tranquility of the sensitive residents.

So just to make sure, we hit the road at 7.30, only to arrive and find … no one, save for an adult exercise group and a heaps of dogs chasing balls.


How to pass the time? That decision is a breeze on account of the presence of a rather lovely cafe.

Breakfast was bananas so we’re for sure up some actual on-a-plate food and suitable beverages to accompany.

In junior football settings, I find the usual canteen fodder of snags in white sliced bread sublimely appropriate, but given we have the time, we certainly plan on making good use of what is at hand.

TOFWD, a sister establishment to the one in Degreaves St in the CBD, has some inside seating, but a whole lot more outside in the sun.

It’s a lovely setting, which we are delighted to find is matched by the food, service and coffee/hot chocolate.


Bennie’s “egg & bacon butty w spinach and bbq sauce on toasted ciabatta” ($10.50) looks a little light on for the price.

But it looks and smells divine, and does a fine job for the boy.

My repeated requests for a taste are deftly waved aside by my smirking offsider.


My “avo & fetta smash” ($10.50) is likewise satisfactory.

It’s fresh as can be and on good bread.

So if you’re not here to play tennis, play fetch with a four-legged buddy, otherwise exercise or await your junior rugby teammates, is there any reason to visit TOFWD?

Well, yes.

The lunch menu (below) features such items as salads, pasta and a pie.

It’s quite the gem and this has been a fantastic Melbourne accident.

Open 7.30am-3pm Monday-Friday , Saturday 8am-3pm and Sunday 8am-2pm. Through the tennis term, are open until 5.30pm Monday to Wednesday.







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