The way ahead …



Consider The Sauce, three years old this month, remains a wild joy for myself, and for Bennie and I together.

Other people seem to like it, too!

Eating out at many and varied joints spread mostly across Melbourne’s west and then writing about them has been and will remain the core activity of CTS.

As well, we will continue to reflect and write on related subjects – and some not even close! – as the mood strikes.

But after three years and 500+ posts, I’m now both delighted and bemused to have this thing, the sum of which is way more than a domain name, a borrowed blogging platform and a bunch of restaurant reviews.

I’m of a mind to use it to do stuff, and hopefully to do good.

The signs have been there … in the Paella Party, and in the forthcoming Indian Feast at Hyderabad Inn.

I have no problem with setting up, or helping set up, one-off showcases for restaurants or other businesses, especially when I reckon a particular eating house is worthy of greater recognition.

There may be future events where CTS readers are invited to a feed for free, as the generosity of Hyderabad Inn has ensured.

Equally, there may be dinners or tastings for which a fee is charged.

And there may be events set up specifically for bloggers.

Somewhere along the way I will no doubt try to eke out some income for myself.

It all depends on the circumstances of any given situation or plan.

What else?

Suggestions anyone?

Frankly, I’m making it up as I go along!

10 thoughts on “The way ahead …

  1. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts, even though I’m never likely to go to most of the restaurants you mention, as I don’t live in the area. It will be interesting to see what wild and wonderful events you come up with in future. I like the idea of “doing good”, too. Although I think you already do plenty of that by entertaining your readers.


  2. Congratulations love reading your posts and having new places in the west to check out – have you thought about foodie tours in the west ?.


    • Hi Cath! That side of things is already in the very capable hands of Ms Baklover at Footscray Food Blog! I guess I could always charge half what she does and then just follow her around or something?!


  3. Happy birthday CTS and great work Kenny. Have had some great feeds due to your recon work and a laugh reading your posts at the same time. If there is a chance to make some coin from all of your work, I say go for it Kenny and make sure Bennie gets a buck too!


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