And a yummy time was had by all …




Hyderabad Inn, 551 Barkly St, West Footscray. Phone: 9689 0998

What a nice time we all had at the Indian Feast co-sponsored by Hyderabad Inn and Consider The Sauce.

So first thanks go to chef Nagesh and his staff for so generously providing us with such a fine meal.

My own favourites were a spicy, creamy tomato soup with a garlic and ginger kick, and – somewhat surprisingly – the homely delights of a fabulous peas pulao and simple dal.

Mind you, we all loved the gulab jamun with insanely good pistachio ice cream as well!

Thanks, too, to CTS readers Russell, Loren and Brenton, Kat and Natasha, Ms Baklover of Footscray Food Blog fame and Bianca, Alastair and Michelle, and Kelly and Alison for attending.

So much fun to converse with so many westies with so many mutual and overlapping interests, pertaining to foodiness and much else besides.


Bennie surprised and delighted all – including his dad – by firing off really good pen-and-paper caricatures of everyone present.

I knew my boy had some drawing skill, but this was something else.


Where did that come from?


The evening’s consisted of the following:


Cream of tomato soup


Spinach Pakora

Chilly prawns

Chicken tikka spring roll dosa

Chicken Manchurian


Paripu (South Indian & Srilankian style dal)

Vegetable Taka Tak

Chicken Do Payaaza

Lamb Kohlapuri


Basmati rice

Peas Pulao


Amritsari Kulcha (most famous in Punjab & nobody serve in Melbourne)

Mixed breads


Gulab Jamun with Ice cream

See earlier Consider The Sauce stories on this restaurant here and here.

This gathering was a joint initiative of Hyderabad Inn and Consider The Sauce, the former of which devised the evening’s menu. Our guests did not pay for their meals.










8 thoughts on “And a yummy time was had by all …

  1. I’ve never heard of Amritsari Kulcha – If no one else serves it in Melbourne, what would I get if I ordered it? Looks stuffed in the picture – what’s in it?

    We had dinner there on Friday for the first time, and loved it, but we ordered more standard fare – except for the potato dumplings stuffed with cashew which were excellent – don’t recall what it was called but it was the most delicious thing on the table.

    My sister said it was the best butter chicken she’d ever eaten, too!


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