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So, after many years of resistance, yours truly has finally gone fully mobile, as in mobile device.

With only minimal research, I sprung for a Samsung Mega.

As I spend all my regular working hours on a computer and many more online blogging and more, intuition led me towards big, as I didn’t want to be squinting at my new toy.

And so far I have no regrets about that.

Also a factor was the fact there’s a Samsung shop at Highpoint, so if I have an issue that cannot be resolved through Youtube clips and the like, I know I can get face-to-face help from the obliging geeks up there.

I have been bemused to read various reviews of this machine, many of which complain about its cumbersome dimensions.

I have no context within which to judge such judgments, but I have also noted a number of reviews that applauded such devices – I believe they’re now being called “phablets” – as being user-friendly for those with less than perfect eyesight and/or big and cumbersome fingers.

In fact, it’s so big that I can even read books on it. I’ve downloaded four, but truth to tell I don’t think it’s going to work for me in the long term – I suspect I’m just too much of an old-school bookish type.

Same with music.

I long ago joined the digital music masses in terms of CDs, but I still want those booklets, photos and essays that go with the premium reissues of the music I love from years long gone.

So far, only a very few people know the number, so when I receive an incoming call it’s still somewhat alarming to realise: “Hey, that’s MY phone!”

But it has already come in handy – I negotiated a short interview with a reporter interested in doing a story on The Westies, and it was a relief and pretty cool to be able to handle the matter professionally and not be using one of the office phones within earshot of all and sundry.

As a baby boomer, the internet alone remains astonishing to me.

So to have it all – or much of it – with me wherever I go is a trip, for sure.

But I have found there are limitations.

Gmail and Twitter are spot on.

Facebook and newspapers such as The Age are not so good.

Urbanspoon seems very limited to the location where me and/or my phone are at. Any ability to seek information outside those parameters seems truncated.

The biggest surprise and disappointment has been Consider The Sauce itself.

I receive immediate notification of new comments, but the visitation numbers are at least three to fours hours behind those I get on my home computer.

And, yes, I have apps for all of the above.

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  1. Ah, well, since I’ve encountered similar issues with my old mobile device I switched to another brand with a newer version and well, I’m still disappointed. My only consolation is that the games I download are looking a lot better.



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