Back in the game again?


My life has seen its fair share of romance, ranging from the earth-shakingly glorious to the very much less so.

I’ve never worked at hard at it – just throwing myself into life with all the zeal and the biggest heart I can muster has always been enough.

However, a couple of recent and rather amusing incidents have had me reflecting that it’s about time I started making more of an effort in cultivating this long-neglected part of my life.

Nothing too drastic …

Spend some money on clothes so I am able to step out looking a little sharper than I do wearing my habitual current uniform of T-shirts and baggy cargo pants.

Shave more than once a week.

Be a little more assertive and a whole less ambivalent when an opportunity presents.

Stuff like that …

Some may think a hyperactive food blogger – one who even regularly hosts his own blog dinners, for heaven’s sake! – is presented with ample opportunity to generate romantic potential.

It’s true that through Consider The Sauce I have met and am continuing to meet an astonishing range of fabulous people. And yes, many of them are incredible souls of the appropriate gender.

But overwhelmingly they are much younger than I. Or married. Or both.

They bring a lot of sunshine into my life – but in this context at least, there are different kinds of sunshine.

The age thingie is no issue at all for me and I certainly don’t feel my age (21).

But I suspect it bloody well is for many women!

On the other hand, I simply can’t see myself having any truck with dating websites and the like.

So what am I looking for?

The truth is, the merest whiff of romance would make me giddy with happiness.

And I think it’s important to keep in mind what a friend and I have come to think of as “The Vanakkam Principle” – after a cool slogan above the front door of that very fine West Footscray Indian eatery:

“Cherish yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live today.”

So, you know, a date is just a date – and not a shacking-up proposal or any other kind of proposal.

It’s time to stop being such a slacker!

13 thoughts on “Back in the game again?

  1. It’s easy to become slack about appearances as you get older. I was extremely vain when I was younger: if my nail polish had a chip in it, I wouldn’t leave the house. Now, not so much, though there are some vestiges of vanity left, which is probably a good thing. But comfort is paramount and high heels are only for special occasions. However, you do have to decide where to draw the line and I agree with you wholeheartedly that it’s good to give ourselves a shake-up about presentation every now and again. This applies whether single or partnered, I think.


  2. Hi got one for you

    HM Quan 82 Hopkins St Footscray , just opened 3 days ago , fake grass floor !!! mimi tables !!! Great cheap food , Tip – let the owner order for you




  3. Good luck with that – it is very hard to find a like minded person, which I consider more important than what you wear, where you live or what car you drive ! As you always hear ‘all the good ones are taken’ – don’ t know what that means for the rest of us – and if the men in my age group ( mid 50’s ) are lookin for a younger version I’ d best start moving on to the 70 + selection !!! You seem like a nice bloke and a great dad so I think you will do OK !!! Oh and trimming the nose hairs is a must !!


  4. Good on you Kenny. I don’t mean to sound terrible but i think you need to find yourself as a man in the appearance department. Your sponge bob tshirts and the like are not really a look that women would be attracted to. You would look amazing in a casual shirt and nice pair of pants. At your age a man should look like a respectable gentleman, not like a teenager. As many would scorn what i have just said, i am being honest in my opinion. A woman wants a man who acts and dresses like a man, not a teenage hippy boy. All the best with finding a mate, im sure you will find the perfect one for you.


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