Yes! It IS Afghan kebabs for Footscray!






The fit-out at 241 Barkly Street, Footscray, is coming along – and there’s a menu up!

The fluorescent lights constituted a photographic nightmare when I stuck my nose in, but you can get the drift …

As you can see, Footscray really is soon to get its first Afghani eating house.

I note with excitement the presence of not only skewered meats but also …

… pulaos, including one with red beans and another with lamb shanks and broad beans, and …

… also the marvellous Afghani dumplings callled mantoo.

Oh boy!





4 thoughts on “Yes! It IS Afghan kebabs for Footscray!

  1. I went there for lunch with work friends on Friday the 10th of October, when we arrived we got a complentary bowl of soup which was tasty and then we ordered our lunch. The decor is not much to look at but the food made up for it my friends said I found a winner. We will definetly go back again and let others know about our find ( also we went to try Kebab Nirvana in Sunshine )


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