Wonderful Ethiopian




Ras Dashen, 121 Nicholson Street, Footscray. Phone: 9687 3293

A chance Sunday night encounter in the Yarraville IGA finds me dining out in downtown Footscray on a Tuesday night with friends and friends of theirs.

Ethiopian is the preference and Ras Dashen is my suggestion.

I’ve been here a couple of times by myself though not recently.

So I’m a little concerned about how we might go so early in the week with a table of five that includes two vegetarians.

I need not have fretted as what we receive is magnificent.

The beyaynetu veg selection is provided at an amazing $10 per head – so the wonderful spread pictured above costs us $50.

Two kinds of lentils – aspicy and rich red number and a yellowish dal-like mix.

A jumble of mixed vegetables, a bowl of delightful beetroot and a typically zingy salad.

It’s all delicious.

On the side, I order the fitifit or beef rib soup ($10) enjoyed on a previous visit.

If anything, if it seems bigger, more meaty and wonderful than before. The broth is pungent – it comes across a bit like an Ethiopian version of pho, but without the star anise and so on.

It’s my new Favourite Thing.

Finally, our table snags a serve of zilzil tibs ($12, sorry no pic usable!).

This is unlike any tibs dish I’ve previously encountered.

It’s very dry, with pan-fried beef strips that have been rubbed – and I’m pretty much guessing here – cumin, a little chilli, salt, pepper and garlic.

It, too, is excellent.

The service we have been given has been beaut and it’s been a fine thing to see a Footscray Ethiopian joint bustling with activity so early in the week..

7 thoughts on “Wonderful Ethiopian

  1. I find Ethiopian places usually quite accommodating towards vegetarians. Most eateries in English speaking countries, at that.
    As for this place, their food looks lovely! The injera looks a bit thickish but all the better for mopping up those delicious sauces, dips etc.


  2. Just came home from a wonderful meal. We left it up to the owner to decide for us and we weren’t disappointed. Enjoyed the whole meal with some honey wine and finished with traditional coffee. We wil be back


  3. Took four mates here for a meal the other day – and between us we each paid about $20 each (including drinks!). Everyone was completely satisfied and amazed with the quality and taste. Ras Dashen is one of my favourite Footscray haunts – try the soup, it’s amazing!


  4. I am surprised it doesn’t get much media,I heard it has the highest rating(97%) out of all African restaurants in Australia..from outside it looks low key, when i was there i was lucky to get the last chair..that buzzy !the owner is one character isn’t he lol


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