Newport cafe cool

Odd Spot Cafe, 302 Melbourne Road, Newport. Phone: 9399 2241

Following a knowledgeable recommendation, we give Odd Spot Cafe a whirl after stocking up nearby on goodies for the general all-round comfort of our new family member.

Odd Spot Cafe is situated amid a strip of shops on Melbourne Road to which we usually pay little interest as we’re usually too intent on going elsewhere when we whiz past, though we’ve also heard that the Thai joint Siam Kitchen is worth checking out.

Odd Spot has a nice fit-out dominated by black and white that speaks of coolness on a hot day.

It presents as an oasis.

We really enjoy our lunch choices and find the service to be grand.




Odd  Spot features a number of dishes and a philosophy and approach that embrace “health food” – the sort of thing that can send the senior member of Team CTS fleeing.

So Bennie’s burger ($16) amply illustrates the “don’t judge a book by its cover” axiom.

It’s all-round fantastic.

He would’ve preferred onions to be cooked and some bacon but he really digs the pronounced pickled cucumber tang.

Is there anything more important – apart from the patty itself – to creating a successful burger?

The crinkle-cut chips are fine.




Kenny, what are you thinking?

Sesame-crusted carrot fritters with “wilted spinach, pesto, hummus and micro herbs” ($16.50)?

Yes, I surprise myself by going all healthy.

Perhaps it’s a the festive season and all that oh-so-rich food we’ve been eating, but it does me fine.

Sure, the carrot pulp of the fritters is coated with sesame seeds rather than crusted or even, it seems, really cooked.

Perhaps I would’ve liked a bready base of some sort.

And the seasoning levels are way below what we’re used to in our mostly multicultural journey.

But right now, here today, this hits the spot.




The Odd Spot cake display cabinet is chockers with great-looking things.

Bennie and I split a “chocolate fondant of goodness” ($4).

It’s a paragon of choc intensity and we love it.

Our cafe latte and hot chocolate are winners.





8 thoughts on “Newport cafe cool

  1. mmm, I like the look of those carrot fritters, will have to try! I had a delicious pumpkin fritter at Hausfrau in Yarraville a couple of days ago, they’re on my mind…
    PS. love what you’re doing with your child, teaching him about good food. Maccas will never appeal! That’s what we found with our daughter – her first introduction to ‘fast food’ was at a friend’s birthday party, she turned her nose up at it. It was great to see!


  2. PS Kenny – a restaurant to add to your list for future outings: Remvi By the Bay, in Nelson Place Willi. I’ve never been but have read good things about it. Greek’s usually not on my radar, I’m vegetarian and there’s often not much on offer for me in Greek restos.


    • Hi Anna! Yes! One of the most pleasing – and unplanned – outcomes from doing this blog has been Bennie’s foodie education. He’s totally with it these days in all sorts of ways. Having said that, I’ve known food-hip parents whose teens have gone completely feral and nutty, so I’m not about to claim all the credit! Thanks for the tip! Ate there many years ago pre-CTS …


  3. Kenny the prices seem very reasonable and the food looks delicious. Like Anna I’m also vegetarian so I am extremely happy to see a few good choices. Have you ever been to Sandyz Tadka in Synnot Street, Werribee, I’m reading some great reviews.


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