Meatmaiden without restraint

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Meatmaiden, Basement, 195 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Phone: 9078 77

Nat and I visited Meatmaiden in November for a Saturday lunch.

We had a Very Nice Time, though in truth we didn’t get too carried away.

But I know that this kind of utterly delicious BBQ food requires, on occasion, a lack of restraint.

So I’m delighted to be back for dinner as part of a CTS team numbering four.

And this time, there will be no holding back.

The reasons are several …

It’s the end of my long, wonderful, meandering, post-surgery down time.

The regular work routine will kick in in just a few days.

And – perhaps most importantly – it is birthday time for one of our group!




We even do cocktails all round – non-alcoholic for Bennie!

With no hesitation, we all four opt for the “chef’s choice” Maiden’s Mood deal of two small/share dishes, three from the smoker/grill/not-meat, and two sides for $49 per person.

We only do so after ascertaining that we will not, by choice, be served anything from the “not meat” line-up.

We’re here for the meat.

We’re most certainly not here for eggplant, even if it is BBQ eggplant.

And we’re most certainly not here for pumpkin, even if it is smoked pumpkin.

What we are served sates every desire for BBQ we possess.

It’s fantastic.

And there’s a lot of it.




Up until this point, I would’ve rated Meatmaiden – with its clubbish, sophisticated atmosphere – as a little less our go than the raffish roll-up-your-sleeves vibe of Fancy Hank’s.

As of tonight’s feast, I am more than happy to give them equal billing.

The Maiden’s Choice?

Very highly recommended by us all, and good value to boot.

Here’s what we devour …




Devilled eggs – delicate and mildly but beautifully seasoned flavour bombs.




Two serves of pickled heirloom veg, chilli and goat curd – a wonderfully tangy mix of all sorts including baby carrots and beetroots.




Southern fried chicken ribs with tequila mayo – crunchy and fab.




That divine brisket – the serve is way bigger than it appears in this photo.




Lamb ribs with lemon crumb – black-as, fatty but very enjoyable.




Two serves of wonderful pulled pork – we struggle to eat it all.

And fail.




Two serves of fries – they’re fine but seem somehow superfluous to our present carnivorous requirements.




A big bowl of coleslaw.

It’s good, but I reckon it could do with a good dollop of some form of acid.

As we wind up our very extremely meaty evening, Bennie wonders aloud if ordering all of the above separately would cost more or less than what we’ve paid.

We doubt it. But we’re not about to spoil our post-meal glow by doing the maths.

Why bother?

Just go for it!

Check out the regular prices at the Meatmaiden website here.

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