CNY Footscray 2015

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After posting on the previous day’s doings in Laverton, I am firmly resolved that a quiet day lies ahead.

That means NOT attending the Chinese New Year festivities in Footscray.

I’ve been going for years – it won’t do any harm to give it a break for once.




Then the Facebook message arrives.

Eliza: You going to footscray CNY event today?

Me: Nah have been going for years and I feel like a bit of quiet (eating) time.

Eliza: Hmmm we need lunch options, might check it out!

Me: OK with you guys for company I’m up for it! Knock on ya door in about 45?

Eliza: Awesome!




A quick shower and then I notice other friends are already posting CYN pics on social media.

My heart skips a beat.

I get an internally adminsistered injection of serotonin/endorphins/adrenaline/whatever.

Of course I’m going to CYN in Footscray!

What the hell was I thinking?




We take it suitably easy wending our way through the happy throng.

First chore – purchase Vietnamese iced coffees all round.


At a real fine $2 a shot.




Then we check out all the food stalls before making our choices.

Deep-fried all the way – chicken, calamari, soft-shell crab.




After more strolling, we grab a pozzie near the main stage for the usual speechifying before the dragons do their thing.

I really appreciate Eliza’s Singapore-bred explanations of some of the symbology of what is happening.

Then it’s time to split.

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!










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