Meal of the week No.6: Dosa Corner




Consider The Sauce may end up doing a more substantial write-up on Dosa Corner, the new Indian place opposite long-established Dosa Hut on Barkly Street in West Footscray – when there are a tableful of mouths to feed.

In the meantime, here’s the goss.

Dosa Corner has been open about a week, there’s incense burning, the place is bright and cheerful, and the service good considering this is a snack-type joint.

The menu is quite long and super cheap.

There’s dosas aplenty, of course.

But there’s also chaat, uthappams, quite a few Indo-Chinese dishes, biryanis and a trio of sweets.

Get a load of the above-pictured pooris!

The freshly fried breads are a little smaller than usual but very good.

The gloopy dal/vegetable mix is excellent.

The other accompaniments are those that attend your typical dosas.

The price?


How’s that for a brilliant light lunch?




5 thoughts on “Meal of the week No.6: Dosa Corner

  1. Walked past there last night and they were positively bustling.

    Maybe it’s that end of the strip, but it’s almost the exact opposite reaction to the opening of another certain Indian joint nearby.


  2. went Friday night and the place was heaving but still got served quickly and food was out within 15 minutes. The food was amazing – had dosa and biryani and the samosa chat is addictive – better than any I have tried before and there has been a few. So good I went back for Saturday lunch and thinking about a return visit today! thanks for the tip.


  3. I would never go back to this place ever.
    At first they were really good then they are pathetic..on a saturday night they have no poori. Bad customer service waste of money trying to support them.


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