Sunday pub roasts? We have a winner.




Railway Hotel, 35 Anderson Street, Yarraville. Phone: 9687 2034

Sunday roast lunches at pubs – $10, $15, $20, $25?

Do you get what you pay for?

As far as we know, the Spottiswoode Hotel continues to offer a grand $10 deal on Sundays.

Others we know of in the inner deliver offer $20+ offerings.

This Sunday, Bennie gives up on his desire for Vietnamese tomato rice in the face of his dad’s determination to go roast.

We first head for a certain Williamstown pub we believe now has $15 roast lunches on the menu, but on arrival we discover they will not start until the following weekend.

Plan B is return home, park the car and walk to our local, the Railway Hotel, which has been advertising $18.50 Sunday roasts – sort of a middle ground price-wise , with two kinds of meat on offer.

Will it be worth the extra dollars?

We pay, get our number and wait.




Bennie chooses the pork.

I try a mouthful.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s dry but – good stuff – tender enough.

But it IS full of strong, good piggy flavour.

The crackling is a tad salty but all of it is crisp and a joy to eat.

One pub manager has told me it’s simply impossible in regards to power bills to serve roast veggies at these sorts of prices.

That I don’t mind.

The spud is roasted and herbed and very good.

The beans, broccoli and carrots may be steamed but they are wonderful – cooked more than al dente and perfect.




I select the roast beef (top photograph).

It’s fabulous.

It appears to be smothered in good gravy.

But as it turns out there is just enough gravy – and only just enough – to support the meat.

I am served three slices that are just shy of half an inch thick.

The meat is tender and tastes grand.

It breaks apart in strands that I more familiar with from dining on brisket at BBQ joints.

This is new and wonderful territory for me when it comes to roast beef.

There is so much of it, I keep offering Bennie hefty chunks even as I close in on the final slice.

“I can’t eat it all, mate!”

“That’s because you aren’t manly enough …”

I am on a serious food high as we skip down the street for some sugar and spice from our fave ice-cream joint.

The Railway Hotel Sunday roasts have convinced me that sometimes, at least, you do get what you pay for.

And it’s still a bargain.



5 thoughts on “Sunday pub roasts? We have a winner.

  1. I’m sorry, I find that a poor excuse for delivering up steamed vegs. I have cooked Sunday roasts in local hotels & the basic plates were: roast meat, roast potatoes, pumpkin, onion & carrot, cauli & cheese sauce, peas, gravy & French bread & butter. The potatoes take longer to cook than the carrot & pumpkin, so what is the ‘power cost’?


    • Hi Diana! That’s just what one pub manager told me. As I hope I made clear, I don’t mind steamed veggies in this context – especially if they’re done as well as these ones were. Do you know a pub in the western suburbs who does a roast as you describe? We’d be keen to check it out!


  2. The 2 I cooked in are gone. Buckingham & Charlie Suttons [can’t remember real name] cnr Eleanor & Essex. I haven’t found a ‘real roast’ in the last few years, sorry. I, too, would be interested.


  3. Intriguing to read your positive comments about the Sunday roast at Yarraville’s Railway hotel.
    Your review of the Sunday roast is a stark contrast with most Urbanspoon reviewrs who almost without exception not only “bag” the quality and cost of the food , but also the staff and even the cost of a beer i,e. Urbanspoon reviewers largely are unhappy with most aspects of the Railway Hotel.


    • Hi there! The above review is solely about the roast lunches we had. We have also tried – and enjoyed – the $15 Tuesday parmas. Apart from that, we haven’t tried anything else – including the beer – so cannot comment. It’s far from unusual for the reviews on blogs – including this one – to differ from the general thrust of comments on Urbanspoon.


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