Meal of the week No.22: Dad & Dave’s




For several years, our inner Yarraville lives involved me doing the train commute to the CBD.

It seems like a long time ago – and certainly the food and coffee situation in the village has changed considerably since then.

Wanting, along with hundreds and thousands of my fellow commuters, roadie coffees to enjoy, I was often disappointed by the available options.

Perfunctory service and mediocre brews seemed all the go.

In more recent years, Dad & Dave’s (27-29 Birmingham Street, 9314 3038) has undergone a makeover and has become a very nice cafe.

The staff members are on the go – very efficiently so – from the early hours, there’s a range of nicely presented food on offer and the coffee is fine.

I have grown very fond of the beef rasher and egg roll, either grabbed for lunch later on or eaten in-house for a lazy, quick breakfast.

Between the covers of a brioche bun are sandwiched a fried egg, a slice of good cheese, tomato relish and a beef rasher.

Beef rasher?

Maybe they come from this place.

They’re chewy, salty and delicious.

Better than regular bacon?

That’s a maybe!

2 thoughts on “Meal of the week No.22: Dad & Dave’s

  1. I like that this place has got a – let’s face it – very daggy, 1970s kind of name – and does not look hipster* at all, & yet does good coffee. In Melbourne, that alone can bring you regular business – but situated where they are, 30 seconds from the railway station, all they need to do is make good coffee and they are on a winner!


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