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Meet Rama.

He is the boss man at DAsian, the sprawling Indian eatery on Hopkins Street in Footscray, facing out over a carpark and towards Centrelink.

Rama is overseeing a major overhaul of the place that will see it renamed … Rama’s.




Other changes will include:

  • The dining/entertainment to broken up into sections so the sprawling space is less daunting to prospective customers.
  • The introduction of an Indo-Italo pizza line – not uttapams but a real fusion of Italian and Indian.
  • Week-day thalis of six curries and naan for $9.95.
  • Weekend buffets with “the biggest range in the west” of 50 dishes plus salads. Note: CTS is not exactly sure this number of dishes is a great idea.
  • The rambling DAsian menu to be cut by at least half.
  • The eventual introduction of electronic ordering.

CTS is happy to see this Footscray food space being given new life and we look forward to taking Rama’s for a spin.

ETA: Tuesday, October 20.




Manok is Tagalog for chicken – so it appears we have something to look forward to at the premises of the longstanding charcoal chicken shop in the small shopping strip on Somerville Road at the intersection with the Princes Highway.

Thanks to Roger Nye for the tip!




In Altona, Two Bros On Blyth is undergoing upgrades that will see that crew providing what the sign in the window describes as “an eatery/bar which provides a social menu for your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs”.




Around the corner on Pier Street, Ceylon Breeze is newly opened and bringing Sri Lankan food to Altona.

Actually, it’s a mix of SL and Indian.

The only online comment I have spied so far was glowing in its praise of the new place.

But CTS notes that the pricing is significantly different from other SL places in the west.

Beef or chicken kottu roti – described as “street food” on the menu – clocks in at $14.90, curries cost about $16 and vegetable chop suey costs $14.90.




On Racecourse Road in Flemington, New Somali Kitchen has opened in the space recently occupied by a very short-lived burger joint and before that an old-school chicken shop.

New Somali Kitchen is done out in rather chic style with white tiles and lots of dark wood.

CTS has had lunch there – and, thanks to some new pals I made while lunching, tried all three of the luscious desserts – and found it all to be very nice indeed.

Check out Nat Stockley’s review here.




Just up the road apiece, and right next door to the Subway outlet, works underway on a business that is to be called Mr. Pan Fry.



We’ll just have to wait and see!

5 thoughts on “Westie eats goss

  1. An interesting note about New Somali Kitchen shop is that it was branded as a dumpling house for a couple of weeks between burgers and now Somalian, so if it actually opened during that time, it would be unique in being 4 different businesses in one year. Hopefully this incarnation will last. They look to have fitted it out well.


  2. the best food in melbourne is located western suburbs, lets take master chef australia to new somali kitchen in flemington and see if they can cook rice like somalis do haha!..this is probably why master chef australia avoids from from three particular continent africa,middle east &indian continent lol yet people from these continent do live in australia and watch master chef on tv!! hahaha it seems any one can claim the word “best chef” is they have money create beautiful restaurant&beautiful food presentation even if theycant cook probably!..image image image!, if restaurant doesn’t look cute from outside ,people dont want enter that restaurant in western world,very sad but true..


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