Vegan cafe shines



One For The Crow, 9 Commercial Street, Maidstone. Phone: 0420 275 747

One For The Crow is located in a rather sleepy strip of shops – other than a cafe, there’s dance and martial arts operations and a few others more anonymous.

Its neighbourhood – in and around Dobson reserve – is itself rather sleepy.

And certainly not known for commercial activity of any kind.

But the west – inner, outer, inbetweener – is all changing so fast, so why not residential Maidstone for a cafe?

One For The Crow is vegan – though we are very happy to see regular milk available for coffee purposes.

And it is very, very kid-friendly.

It’s a lovely place, with a modest plant nursery going at the front and a handful of outdoor tables.

For all its vegan-ness, our menu (see below) choices are the sort of thing found in cafes all over.



My friends chooses the Thai curry veg pie ($6).

It is, of course, a Ka Pie – and it goes down a treat.

She likes the pasta-pesto-spinach salad ($5), too.

Though she is firmly of the opinion a sprinkling of crumbled feta would make it even better.



My waffle dish ($16) is good.

It comes with house-made nutella, maple syrup, caramelised banana and soy ice-cream.



A most excellent soba noodle bowl ($16) – enjoyed on a previous, reconnaissance visit – rather more reflects One For The Crow’s vegan credentials.

It’s packed with marinated tofu, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, spinach, pickled daikon and kimchi, and dressed with a tahini-miso concoction.

Every mouthful is a delight.



Our coffees are fine, too.

One For The Crow appears to have quickly made itself an indispensable and treasured part of its community.

The locals have every reason to be stoked.


9 thoughts on “Vegan cafe shines

    • Its about time maidstone shine.west footscray,braybook/highpoint kinda overshadows our neighborhood.its sleepy looked place still.


      • Hamza you are right, maidstone supports braybook eateries & businesses generally.we have new dental & medical in corner of Churchill ave& Ballarat rd,but food we still head to braybook or footscray!


  1. The only thing i mis in maidstone is somali eatery really,everything else is 2 min drive to footscray or braybrook for me.


  2. Maidstone also includes Mitchell Street, with 3 top notch eateries, Belga, Jack B Nimble & Los Latinos. Where you guys been livin’?


    • Hi Scott! Two of those places have been covered here. I meant not Maidstone generally but instead the specific Dobson Reserve neighbourhood on the other side of Ballarat Road. Perhaps I should’ve made that clearer!


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