Fish, chips, excellence


Batterbing, 60 Douglas Parade, Williamstown. Phone: 9397 1227

Batterbing is located in a Douglas Parade premises that has been home to fish and chips for a long, long time.

Decades, I’m guessing.

Can any Williamstown readers tell us?

In any case, these days – under its newish name – it’s being run by John McMonagle, whose work we loved so much at Dough! in Newport.

His Williamstown location is superior – it’s handily placed for more drop-in and foot traffic.

And that’s great – it means more people can enjoy the super work being done by John and his team.

The place remains very much an old-school fish and chip shop, with rudimentary dine-in facilities – a bench and stools inside, a few tables and chairs on the footpath outside.

But none of that matters.

Here be made – and happily consumed – what are, in our opinions and experience, the best fish and chips in the western suburbs.

(Matched mind, you, by Ebi in Essex Street, Footscray – very different style, equally fine outcome.)

The Batterbing art starts with chips.

Here the potatoes are hand-cut and tumbled – and are wonderful.

Real spuds make for hip chips.

I go with my never-fail arrangement carried over from the Dough! days – now officially called Combo for 1 ($15, top photograph).

Those chips, a handful of tender calamari rings and a nice chunk of juicy, delicious and expertly deep-fried blue grenadier.

So very fine!

Unlike Dough!, there are no pizzas at Batterbing.

But there are burgers – so we take one of them for a run, too.

The Lil Jerry Seinfeld – is there some in-joke I’m missing? – is a doozy.

Crisp and deeply tanned deep-fried chicken thigh is joined in burger harmony by just the right amount of slaw and mayo in a purple bun.

Like all the Batterbing burgers, it comes with a side of those chips – and that makes the $13 entry fee a dead-set bargain.

39 thoughts on “Fish, chips, excellence

  1. The real “old school” fish shop goes back at least as far as 1970s, probably longer, and its demise was within the last decade.
    The next iteration was fancy but there were usually more staff than customers whenever I walked by so its relatively quick demise was assured.
    I suspect it is not a particularly good location anymore when you consider the limited parking. It is probably frequented by school kids more than the bigger spending family purchases.
    The fish shop that is probably closer to your “old school” shop is the one halfway down the shopping strip in Ferguson St – it seems to do a roaring trade and the smell that wafts out of there is enticing.

    Unfortunately I don’t eat F&C anymore as I always feel bilious afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

      • OK, better location than Blackshaws Rd for the dedicated F&C enthusiast but more competition than the former location.

        Now that I think about it, the Dougie Pde shop was operating back when I was a child in the 1960s. I can recall it really was a typical F&C shop of the era as I remember it had water running down the inside of the window – something you just don’t see anymore.


      • The competition I refer to are all the f&c shops in Willy. Remember that much of Willy is in easy walking distance to anywhere.

        So let me think:

        Rifle Range Shops
        Ferguson St
        The Strand
        Nelson Pl X 2
        plus the rebirth of Dougie Pde

        And don’t forget the Newport shop, south of the overpass.

        I’m not here to spruik one over the other, and I have disclosed that I don’t eat F&C anymore. But from a business/commercial perspective I just wonder if they have done their homework. There are better locations in Willy to set up a fast food business. Now if they do have a superior product and know how to drag in the customers then the location will be of secondary importance.

        On a broader perspective, if you kept up with a recent set of articles in The AGE, they looked at the liveability factors of various suburbs and the amount of fastfood outlets as well as liquor outlets were a target. It was no surprise to me that Willy, despite its upwardly mobile demographic, scored very poorly on both counts.

        On the other hand, if they had have counted the amount of Mercs, Beemers and Audis per capita in Willy, then Willy would have stood proud (ahem!!) with the likes of Sth Yarra and all those other fancy places.


  2. she takes recipes and cooks in her place then visits family to eat,that is how it goes anna’s show,but i think she got some help how to cook malawah ๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. i was telling them that ok his son is white but the eat was aiming asian community although bennie liked it heaps. sorry my sentence was really bad worded.apology. your son is bennie. sorry considerthe sauce


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