Hello Gelo


15 Anderson St, Yarraville. Phone: 9078 5696

Does ice cream lose the taste factor after a single scoop?

Do tastebuds become so frozen that subsequent scoops become gratuitous?

Is scarfing multiple scoops an exercise in gluttony?

Why aren’t great minds working feverishly on the answers to these important questions?

Actually, while we love our ice cream and gelati, we almost always restrict ourselves to what are generally referred to as baby cones.

Taste issues aside, with gelati we reckon there can be too much of a good thing. I see cones and cups stacked with three or four scoops, and I’m puzzled how people can inhale so much of the sublime stuff.

Our single scoop habit fits specially well with Hello Gelo, as their kids cones tend to be a bit more generous than elsewhere – although it is a variable situation. And their kids cones cost a mere $2.50.

In several years of living in Seddon and Yarraville, we revelled in the wonderland of cheap, funky eating out options on our doorstep.

But it also bugged the hell out of us that a gelati fix required a drive to Williamstown, Sydney Rd or Lygon St. OK, sometimes the drive was fun, but still …

And then came Hello Gelo, now entering its second summer and the owner of which obviously contemplated the same unsatisfactory situation and decided to do something about it.

Hello Gelo does several of the things expected of a gelati joints – hot dogs, sundaes, those little Dutch pancake thingies, coffee, sweeties of various kinds – but when we’re there, we’re strictly on a gelati mission.

We like checking out the new flavours, of which there always seem to be two or three, even on our very regular visits.

Bennie holds dad’s apple pie and his own honeycomb crunch, while our very cool jazz chick neighbour Dulcie works on her blood orange.

The chilli chocolate is a fixture, as are fruity ices such as lemon, lime and blood orange.

We’ve had a few disappointments. The almond, for instance, tasted like plain old vanilla to me.

By contrast, another flavour that could have been too subtle to nail – apple pie – did indeed taste just like apple pie.

Another big plus: Hello Gelo operates a frequent flyer card scheme – buy seven and get one free.

And, yes, the card deal also applies to kids cones.


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7 thoughts on “Hello Gelo

  1. Oh, so great! I have also done the big drive down to Williamstown in search of that great summer pleasure, a drippy ice-cream cone. I did manage to find a random sweetie shop place in Newport that did ice-cream, but it is so great to know there’s somewhere closer.


  2. I am also a Yarraville local and fan of Hello Gelo! I haven’t bothered trying any of the gelati at Hausfrau or Mad Moose. I have been craving a visit to Hello Gelo for a few days now, and think I will just have to head out! 🙂


  3. Looks good. When I have the energy to walk from Seddon i’ll be there. Driving to/in Yarraville sends me crazy, I avoid it if at all possible (picking up pizza from Godfathers is the only exemption!)


    • Hi Deb! Yeah, well we live much easier walking distance. I agree, though: Driving to/from Yarraville central can be a bummer, even more so now with bulk road works. As stated above, Touk’s do good stuff by the scoop.


  4. I stopped by this bloke’s place Saturday when I was riding my pushbike around Yarraville doing a memory lane thing. (I stayed in a boarding house there for several months that catered to traveling medical people when I first immigrated Down Under in 2005, while Carol organised selling the house in S.F. and got all our bourgeois possessions packed out, which is why I have a taste for the western suburbs.) I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream and gelato in many countries. Hello Gelo is one of the best, maybe in my Top 5, def. Top 10. The strength of the flavours, the interesting combinations — chocolate/ginger/cashew, for instance — is fantastic.

    Carol, who as you might remember was a great cook in spite of being a morbidly depressed see-you-next-Tuesday, made a fantastic version of homemade salted caramel gelato (with chunks of Skor bar thrown in.) It was better than any other iteration I’ve had anywhere, and I’ve had many. Scott’s is a different style — swirls of soft caramel instead of harder, more dense bittersweet stuff — but it’s almost as good as hers in its own way. Enough salt to provide contrast in the flavour, but not so much as to be a dominant taste element. I rarely go back to a place twice — why repeat when there a innumerable eateries that I haven’t yet tried, eh? — but I will hit this guy again. He’s not Berthellon in Paris — the most intensely-flavoured ice cream on the planet, in my experience — but I’d pick him over Dolce Freddo, Fritz, Seven Apples or any other of the local high-end gelaterias.


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