CBD Indian is bolly good




Delhi Streets, 22 Katherine Place, Melbourne. Phone: 9629 2620

What fun!

Another leisurely day-off trip into the CBD to have lunch with the lovely Jacqui, the Urban Ma.

This time we’re checking out Delhi Street, right next door to the cool bagel place we hit a while ago.

Delhi Streets has a most admirable aim – to “do Indian street food most Melburnians have yet to experience”.

However, anyone who has hung out in West Footscray even a little in recent years will be familiar with most that Delhi Streets offer.




The place may be new but it already has a nice lived-in vibe.

It may be geared to quickie lunches and takeaways but it feels more comfortable and intimate than that.

There’s chaat, thalis, dosas, uttapum and biryani (see menu below).

They also do wraps.

Personally, I don’t have use for wraps unless they’re a nice, lusty souvlaki or kebab.

But as Jacqui points out, this is an obvious menu direction for the joint to take on behalf of the take-lunch-back-to-the-office crowd.




We share bhel puri ($6).

It’s fresh and crunchy, with a good dose of roast peanuts.




Jacqui is new to the Wonderful World Of Dosas so I’m happy she gets a good one.

Her masala dosa ($10) is the goods, though the pancake itself is truncated compared to those in our westie faves.

The accompaniments are missing the usual chilli concoction but the sambar and coconut chutney are lovely.




I go for the vegetarian thali ($10) – and it’s a doozy.

Good salad, rice and papadum.

Really good naan and cooked-down vegetable curry.

Outstanding dal that I think is made with aduki beans.

Read Jacqui’s review here.

Check out the Delhi Streets wesbite here.






9 thoughts on “CBD Indian is bolly good

      • We ordered SO MANY THINGS. I can’t even remember what we ate but all of it was awesome. We had it as take away at my mother in law’s place. Though next time I’m eating in and blogging it up fer sure.
        I loved the samosas. They were shiny.
        So good to have another dinner option in the area.


  1. So far, every CTS reviewed place I have eaten at has been a winner, and this was too. Absolutely delicious, cheap and fast service. We had Pani Puri – lentil cracker balls that you pour spiced water into before you eat – delicious but slightly messy for a work lunch, and a really generous mix thali. Definitely going back.


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