Ebi – new crew, still good




So it’s true – John has moved on from Ebi.

I’m sure I far from alone in knowing I’ll miss his humour, geniality and hosting deftness.

But I am interested to see if time-honoured Ebi traditions are being upheld in Essex Street – and I do so via my regular order of large fish and chips.

The answer is: Yes.

The best indicator of this being the case is the presence of pickles – in this case beautifully sweet radish and gentle, soft wong bok.

The two pieces of blue grenadier are very big – if I’d known I would have a specified a smaller order.

Brendan is running the joint until the establishment’s new owner takes the rain in about a month.

He tells me he and his team is being very careful to keep the Ebi “thing” going.

So it seems that while further changes may be in the offing, in the shorter term the good ship Ebi sails onwards gaily.

See earlier story here.



3 thoughts on “Ebi – new crew, still good

  1. I knew it. I smelled a rat when I was in there a few weeks back and the beer stocks were not their usual and the vibe just seemed different.


  2. Oh. I hope they honour the spirit of John’s menu and his left-of-centre vibe. And hope the bibimbap, calamari and fish & chips don’t change too much!


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